Kinds of Plumbers on their Job Scale Basis

Mar 12, 2020

The job scales of the plumbers are extremely important. From the job scale of the plumbers, it may be placed into one of the three major categories:


The residential plumbers are those plumbing professionals whom you call whenever you’re facing a plumbing trouble in your home. Those plumbers have gained training and experience through working on residential jobs and apprenticeships like on the new construction sites, home renovations and housing schemes. They mostly acquired their skills set through working under the sunshade of plumbers that had been getting hands-on encounter or are experienced already.

The residential plumbers mostly master and carry out the measures of pipe system installation in housing blocks and residential homes. They are firmly involved in little scale residential plumbing works and don’t usually venture to commercial plumbing because of the lack of qualifications and experiences. These residential plumbing professionals are mainly involved in and are accountable for making sure the proper working of water systems, toilets and pipes in homes. They service and repair plumbing systems, residential flats and houses to keep them running smoothly.


The service and repair plumbers are the experts who are mostly hired for maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems in commercial business and homes. The repair and service plumbers receive technical training and are already experienced in fixing and solving problems of the plumbing issues. They’re experts in their jobs like repairing of leakages, reduced pressure, cleaning, and servicing. Repair and service plumbers specialize in clogging issues and normal leakages.


The commercial plumbers are the qualified and the skilled professionals who mainly work in bigger commercial set-up. The commercial plumbers are expert in working in the large-scale industry and in the public set ups such as in the schools, universities, hospitals, factories, large shopping malls, and in manufacturing plants or in any other surroundings that have the bigger industrial equipment involved.

The commercial plumbers are accountable for the repair, maintenance and installation of tanks and pipes in the industrial and commercial buildings. Most of the plumbers who are experts in one exclusive job are not capable of performing plumbing activities where the different technicalities and skill sets are being involved. For example, when the residential plumber had to do the plumbing job in the factories and in the commercial buildings, he will not be able to perform the job as precise as it must be finished. This is because of the lack of sufficient training, experience and exposure. There is significant variance in between each plumbing kinds and hence, the skills being required for every type are really different too. For example, the major differences in between the commercial plumber and the residential plumbers are the number of tanks, pipes, and pipe outlets they deal with and encounter on their everyday basis.

Normally, the commercial plumber dealt with way more of the pipes than the residential one and those pipes are even larger and are usually more complicated.

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