Some guidelines for Plumbing System inside your home

Feb 27, 2020

Here are some tips for your preference:

  • The plumber can also install the gas lines inside your home since the tools and the materials needed are the same to those conventionally used materials for plumbing. 
  • The gas supply line can be the flexible stainless steel, a flexible copper pipe or a black iron. Gas is circulated by the home through the single pipeline that have other pipes branching coming from it, or through the manifold, that is a pipe and with some more outlets for providing multiple pipes.
  • The plumbing system contains the water heater also. The most common kinds of water heaters include gas, propane, electric and oil. If you have the gas water heater, then, direct vented will be most desirable. If that is not an alternative, the second option is a power vented. The power assisted and the direct vented are the terms that illustrates how gases is generating through the water heater that are being released from your house, which is very critical your family and for your health as well. Power vented and direct gas hot water heater is less susceptible to ignition gases flowing back to the house because they are forcing the combustion gases out from the house.
  • The effectiveness of the water heater is being measured by its EF or Energy Factor. The hot water tank with the EF that is greater than.56 for the gas-fired units plus the.88 for electric unit is suggested. For the upgraded price, you can be able to select the heat pump water heaters or the instantaneous water heater. This is even more effective water heater. This benefits and features of this must be discussed by both of you and the builder.
  • If your house is really large, there can be long pipe length in between the water heaters and one or even more of those bathrooms, causing the delay in your hot water taking into the bathroom. Ask the builder if the is like this in your house and what the delays may be. If it is more than you are willing to work with, inquire about installing the circulation system that will also minimize the delay.

Always remember that the choices you are making regarding the plumbing system will aid in ensuring your house performs the way that you wanted it to, and it is absolutely safe for the whole family and for you as well.

When your house is being designed, discuss with the builder about:

  • The storage tank capacity of the hot water. This will be sufficient for the whole family. Whether there is the expansion tank for a water heater that is the safety measure so it can prevent the pipes from possibly rupturing.
  • How efficient the water heater is.
  • What kind of water heater may be installed inside the home and also how combustion gases will be expelled from your house?
  • Whether a more effective system such as the heat pump water heaters or the instantaneous water heaters will be proper and what the added costs might be.
  • What type of delay you will anticipate in every bathroom and whether your builder will install the circulation system to decrease the delay.
  • The place of the outdoor spigots, where you will need to apply the hose.

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