The Basics of Plumbing

Jun 19, 2020

Plumbing is essential in our home because it is the system for the water supply. It provides us clean water that we used in faucets and showers and also taking away human wastes and dirty liquids.

Though plumbing is not that simple, we can still understand how it works. This article will talk about the basics of plumbing. 

These basic ideas will surely help you to understand more about home's plumbing so that if there is a leak, you will know whether you should call a plumber or you can fix it by yourself. Let's discuss it. 

In-home, plumbing has two subsystems: The water supply system and the Drain-water vent system or DMV. The two should not be overlapped with each other. Let's discuss it one by one.

Water Supply System

In plumbing, water supply carries fresh water to your house, with the use of pipes. One source of this water supply is coming from the city water. The water is passed through the underground pipes called the main pipe. If you have problems regarding the connection of the pipes to your house, call some professional people. Another source of freshwater is well. These are usually the people that are away from the city. They need to pump to put a high pressure to get the water. 

The water in faucets and showers are affected if there are some leaks, and it affects the pressure. You cannot use the shower if the pressure is low. Do not worry you can fix this kind of problem. 

Pipes that people usually use are the copper pipes. This is the recommended thing if you want to repair or fix it in plumbing pipes. The correct placement of the pipes will lessen the chance to have leaks. Always remember that leaks are dangerous in this system so if you really do not know the problem, call a professional. 

The Drain-water Vent system or DMV

The angle of the pipes in this system is down because the water needs to go to the sewer line, with the help of gravity, where the waste goes. The pipes used in this system are bigger compared to the water supply because it prevents wastes to get stuck. 

Drain Vents

These vents help the flow of the water if there is a flush in a toilet or a drain in a sink. This is because of its air being supplied. It is also responsible for the bad smell to escape and prevents wastewater gas from entering. 

Drain Trap

You can find this P-shaped pipe under the sink. This is used to trap debris coming from the sink. It also stops sewer gases entering your home, and prevents forming some clog deep in the system.

The kitchen and the bathrooms are the places with the plumbing system. In the kitchen, plumbing fixtures are behind the walls while in the bathroom is in the underground and some behind the walls. That is why you should always check the system if there are some leaks and beware of the signs. 

After learning about the basics, try to apply it and keep your plumbing system as good as always. Plumbing is a complex topic that is why sometimes you need to call professionals to check the problems. Thank you for your time!

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