The types of auger for plumbing use Apr 25, 2020

While the expert plumbers are driving around with lots of specialty gears on their trucks, the homeowners may handle even more of the mechanisms of their personal needs with just some of the plumbing tools stock in their home. This is since the usual household plumbing repairs and problems are more about with the replacement parts and the know-how, rather than about the special techniques and the advanced tools. But there are some specialty items which are indispensable for daily plumbing jobs and on top of the list is the one for the most known plumbing trouble of all: the clogged drains. 

Sink Auger – it is also named as the canister auger or the drum auger and it is the basic weapon for clearing clogs and breaking up in the tub drains or in the sink. The sink auger consisted of the stainless steel cable that is flexible with the corkscrew tip at its end. The cable has been coiled within the drum canister and has been extended into the drain to get into the clog and then clear it. This drum has the handle, and there is a thumbscrew which will lock the cable of the canister, and if the cable is inserted into the drain then the handle is turned, the rotating drum will snakes the cable by bends in a drain pipe, permitting the cable tip in penetrating the clogs and then pull them out.  

Sewer Auger – the sewer auger is the professional-grade of drain machine that is used to clear 3-4 inches drain and also sewer lines, like the buried drain that is running from the house up to the city of sewer main beneath the street. This has the heaviness of electric motor which spins the large cage that contains the hundred feet or even longer cable. When the plumbers are phoned to clear the sewer drain house, this is what’s carried. They do not bother with the mini-rooters on the normal 4-inch sewer line. The plumbers have very expensive, large versions of the augers, but you may rent the smaller units of a hundred foot cables and the 4-inch cutter head. It takes a bit of practice to discover how to apply the sewer auger efficiently, but renting the machine for 1/2 day is cheaper than to have the roto-rooter technician or the plumber to clear a drain.

Closet or Toilet Auger – this is being used to clear the clogs in the toilets. It is not the sink auger that is used for clog toilets, because every tool is designed for their specific purposes. The toilet auger has the elongated metal rod together with the bending for attaining the hole in the bottom part of a toilet bowl. The rubber sleeve will cover the bend to shield the porcelain in a toilet from its being scratched. The moment the tool has been placed, you have to push and then rotate an auger cable so it will snake it into and/or by the clog. 

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